Crowdfunding (Upcoming 2018/19 Round) - Updates

(Charlie Kelly) #145

Would investors in this round get an Investor card?

(Nikhil velani) #146

It’s a high possibility that you would :credit_card::grinning:


Yeah, definitely.

In the first round you got one investor card (more than 6 months after investing if I recall) and if you lost it that was that as there were no more produced.

With the second round they thought a lot more about it. They worked with suppliers and added an investor flag to their database so that whenever you receive a card in future it will be an investor card.

So for them to say “no investor cards this time, sorry!” it would be pretty inexplicable as all they’d need to do is update a database. They also struggle to find incentives that are free/cheap so an investor card is the perfect solution.


Do we think the next fund raise will be another Crowdcube event? I can’t help but feel crowdfunding is all done with now, next step is list on the market.

(lewis oconnor) #149

are share owners eligible for dividends? :face_with_monocle:

(Marcel Ruhf) #150

Speaking in general terms, shareholders are eligible to be paid a dividend as long as the company is in profit after all expenses (such as bills, taxes, etc), and the majority vote in favour of a resolution to do so.

(Danny) #151

If you watch the Open Office from April on YouTube there’s a clue (afraid I can’t remember exactly when). Tom says the last round was limited by EU caps on Crowdfunding and he hoped the next would be much bigger.

I think technically the cap is on crowdfunding without a prospectus, so they might have a way around it, definitely didn’t sound like IPO was imminent though.

(Excited about Christmas) #152

Yes, although it is rare for pre-IPO startups to pay dividends, as it is more important to grow the business.

(Hugo Card) #153

*Insert Meme from Futureama - “Shut up and Take my money!”

Where can I invest? and what do I get back?

(Nikhil velani) #154


(Giovanni Salvador) #155

@simonb Any news here?

(Simon B) #156

Not yet! But soon :grinning:


Has Monzo scaled back its international growth ambitions?

(Dan) #158

I read this as one of the reason they’ve hired Meri is to help scale the tech. So I see this as a more likely indicator for international expansion.


If memory serves, at the last fund raise Monzo allowed staff to sell some of their shares, this was to (a) allow long term staff to enjoy some of the fruits of their labour and (b) to reduce dilution by churning existing stock.

So for the next fund raise why not do the same thing again, but extend that to all share holders? give everyone the chance to sell (if they want to) to realise some return and allow others to invest whilst reducing dilution.

(Robert Nicholson) #160

Looks like crowdfunding regulations have changed. From July 21st companies can crowdfund up to €8m without requiring a prospectus, (up from €5m) :tada:

That’s good news! But I’m hoping Monzo is planning something bigger…

(Excited about Christmas) #161

Sounds like they are from yesterdays “goals” announcement

(Andrew Clark) #162

The Brewdog raises are probably the best example of what’s possible. By publishing their own prospectus they went bigger than the now 8 million Euro limit. My issue with those raises (and I own a bit of stock from early on) is that they go on for ages which means that your money is tied up if you invest early and the valuation is changing so much over the course of the raise. A short large raise via prospectus would be optimal IMHO.

It would be really cool if you could invest from within the app and would be great if all users had the opportunity to participate. It is a pain for organisations to have too many investors and more costly than having a couple but Monzo has such a thriving community that perhaps the benefits outweigh the costs in this case.

(Nikhil velani) #163

Any updates on the the crowdfunding?

(Steven shorter) #164

Sooner the better