Crowdfunding is open to new investors!


Congrats Monzo

(Richard) #396

This ^

(Fabian Whitaker) #397

What exactly is happening here??


Ah, I forgot about them!

(Jonathon) #399

Plastic-gate, 2018.


I just waft my stainless steel straw at them and paper straw users


Haha the Monzo crowdfund page also made the same mistake!

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #402

(Ben Talbot) #403

No blog post yet?! RIOT

(Richard) #404

I just sip from the glass… you straw people… tut I say tut :wink:

(Sacha Zarb) #405


But what about Apple Pay?


Technically crowdfunding was only opened at 10am :wink:

There’s just some people who got early access.


Unedited copy :wink: still says 2 hours and XX minutes.


Average investment of £556, right?

(Nick) #410

Was just about to post that too :rofl:

(Jonathon) #411

It’d be interesting to know how many invested under 5 shares. Those people are more likely to be ones who are just wanting to have a little part of Monzo, and less wanting to make a lot of money from the shares eventually.

(Richard) #412

from Which?

36,000 account holders invest an average of £123,000 per minute

(Matt ) #414

Good job I didn’t want to invest as app crashed every time I pressed the invest button

(Simon B) #415

Absolutely blown away at how quick this went! Truly amazing.