Crowdcube - latest round


Does anyone know how long it takes for Crowdcube to issue certificates. The latest round was a few weeks ago and it is still collecting payments.


a month or so normally

(Jack Spargo) #3

I think Crowdcube are having some serious issues, so there may be a longer delay - although I’m just speculating.

I’m wondering if anyone in the latest round has had the same issue as me: despite owning ~1400 shares I was told that I could only buy a further 12 shares in the latest round. I went ahead anyway, and when I asked about this a couple of weeks ago, I was told this was a Crowdcube error and I should have been able to buy ~200 shares, but that Crowdcube would not fix this for me :frowning_face:

I wonder is this is why there has only been a 58.5% uptake in this round - I suspect I’m not the only one affected…

(Ben King) #4

I got mine just now!

(Christopher Ackers) #5

Got mine this afternoon, took longer than the last two rounds