Credit Score?

Just wondering since I’ve decided to register to Monzo, not only have I ordered a card to help me save but to hopefully increase my credit score since it’s terrible. I’m from the UK, would this affect my credit score in any way? I’m not keen on using pre-paid cards which you have to pay for plus hopefully if this becomes a proper bank I’ll most likely open a current account since it seems to be the most forward banking type around.

Still to be determined I think. When full accounts are launched, and if you get an overdraft(used or not) it’ll very likely show up, with no overdraft its unclear

I’d think without an overdraft the effect on your credit score (which is fictional anyway, Credit Reference Agencies provide raw data, not a numerical score to most of their customers - the banks) would be very small

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If you get an overdraft effect will be much the same as any other bank


  • shows bank trust you
  • shows responsible use of credit
  • may reduce utilization overall (the amount of debt vs limits)


  • living in overdraft suggests affordability issues
  • The more limit and debt you have the greater the risk of more credit
  • any missed payment or over limit type events
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Activity on the pre-paid card scheme won’t affect your credit score. Once we launch current accounts, as @misterm mentions, the overdraft will affect your credit score exactly the same as it does with any other bank :slightly_smiling_face:

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