Credit Report?


I opened my Monzo account and closed it 5 minutes later as decided it wasn’t useful. I understand that it does leave a soft search on my credit report but will it mark as an opened and closed account on my report?

Hope you spent those 5 minutes in app wisely :rofl:


You gave it five minutes ouch.

Anyway I would go with the assumption it would show an open and close, and the time isn’t a factor.


I prefer to give something a minimum of 6 minutes. You can’t get a proper feel for things in 5…


I smell fish again ! :roll_eyes:


Yes it will show as an opened and then closed account because you opened and then closed an account.


I did the same with a think money account to just switch it and get a bonus, was open about a week. Hasn’t shown on my report yet, guess it might in future. Was about a month ago

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Let’s all order some chips with our card to complement the fish being served up by the op.

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I don’t get what you’re saying, you are not making any sense.

I’m hoping it doesn’t appear as didn’t have it for long at all.

Eek, thank you for your help, not sure whether to ask to reinstate it to be fair.

Chances are it might. I don’t think you’re really going to get penalised for having closed accounts on your file though

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I’m sorry, what exactly 🤦

Is this legit? I’ve never known someone open an account for just literally 5 minutes not even a day. Sure social media accounts but not a bank account.

To answer your question I would imagine it will show as an opened and closed on your file. If you applied for the overdraft it might even be a hard search. Unsure if I’m correct as I don’t have overdraft but since it’s credit it will make sense to be a hard search.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, and apologies in advance if I am.