Credit card eligibility

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to apply for the Amex everyday platinum card in the next few months and have done a couple of eligibility checks to just see where I might stand. The check I am getting from MSE as part of their credit club is giving me a 90% chance of being accepted, but when I did the soft check on the AMEX website they only gave me a 40% chance. Do you know why these chances are so wildly different for the same card, where both agencies are using Experian for their checks?

Any insights would be appreciated!

I was 60% on uswitch and then applied via their website and was accepted just fine.

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My guess is that one is the actual company/lender and so therefore have a more accurate ability to predict your chance of getting it.

The other is MSE who probably make a learned guess on people who have got the card and what their score(s) were.

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In that case, do you think it’s probably best to wait until the chances increase? I don’t want to make the application and get turned down as it will obviously affect my credit report.

I applied for a Virgin CC through Totalmoney and I am sure they asked after if I was successful or not. From this, I am sure site like this tweak their scoring to get you to apply from their website.

No one can tell, really. If you will definitely be accepted, you should apply. If you will definitely be rejected, you should wait. You have a 40% chance of being accepted, and the question is, do you like those odds?

Speaking only for myself, and not offering advice, I’d wait.

I wish you well, anyway.

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Thank you, I think i’m gonna wait a couple of months then and check in later in the year. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The AMEX eligibility should be more accurate. I applied for the BA amex last may, mse eligibility checker was 40%, however the amex checker gave me 90% ( I passed the application).

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Good to know, thank you

On a side note, don’t forget to check for cashback or a referral link, whenever you do apply! Quidco/TCB regularly offer cashback for Amex

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Referral Wiki - a few Amex referrals here

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This is incredibly helpful thanks so much

Great to know thank you

There are different offers at the bottom of all the Amex referrals so find the best one for you :smile:

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