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Is Monzo Flex appearing on anyone’s credit file though? Mine isn’t.

I’ve had Flex since October (only used it once to test it out and paid it all back 2 days later), had a hard search on Experian and TransUnion, but still have no sign of it as an actual account on the above two CRAs or Equifax.

MSE Credit Club I can see this in the search history section. Aside from that, I can’t see the account or actual balance reported anywhere.

Edit: I should add that by ‘anywhere’ I mean on any of the CRAs.

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Yeah, same :face_with_monocle:

I guess in time this product will cater for people with no credit history:


Interesting. Given financial lives are now so fragmented, we’re crying out for something like this

Thank you to everyone for the suggestions! (And sorry I can’t reply to everyone individually, completely forgot about this thread for a couple of days.) I did use the MSE checker and was ready to commit to Capital One, when I read an old post on this forum of someone looking for a credit card that has an app like Monzo – and to be honest, I’ve also gotten used to the Monzo experience – and most of the replies were praising Amex. But it sounds like starting with Capital One is my best bet for now.

I’m not so worried about not being able to pay it off as my lifestyle doesn’t require big purchases – it’s really just about building a good credit rating so that I can eventually get a mortgage (even if that’s a pipe dream for millennials in London). So for that reason alone I find it frustrating that the good credit I built up in Canada is worthless. Surely in the international world we live in, more banks ought to be recognising good history from other countries. But, alas.

Appreciate the insights!


When turning 18, what’s the best first credit card to get? Would it be one with my bank, (e.g. nationwide) or should I just get something from capital one

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You should be able to get Prime Card provided you have existing relationship with one as well as verifiable income.
if not Start with Capital One, Vanquish and Aqua remember to always pay them off in full after a year you should be able to get mainstream card, register on the Electoral roll if you haven’t it helps😊

Depends, most credit cards are the same, spend on it, pay it back in full same month.

Barclaycard forward always served me well.

Is there a reason to get a credit card as a student at uni? I personally avoided getting one (mostly because i dont think id be accepted) but am I wrong in doing so? What counts as income? I know money from student finance shouldn’t but does money from parents count? Also, how would you count income that is really irregular (tutoring whenever I feel like it).

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The feel the only reason to get a credit card (if your bank is offering!) at uni would be to build up a GOOD credit profile. That would mean paying off the balance each month. This means you need to be very disciplined and really only use it for some of your spending. Showing irregular income is difficult unless you have done a tax return with HMRC (haha) or have offical pay statements. If income from parents can be shown to be regular, say in your bank statements, some organisations will accept it.

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It took a few months but it’s now showing on my credit file for all three CRA. It’s labelled other/budget account.


Yeah, same now :slightly_smiling_face:

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I doubt I’ll go to university, and rather into an apprenticeship. I’m thinking to get one so early, since I can build a good credit history very early and by the time I’m 26 for example, I’d have 8 years of good history.

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What do you mean by irregular income?

What do you mean Prime Card?

Irregular income = money received in differing amounts and/or at different time increments from either the same employer or different employers and/or direct from customers for the self employed.


You don’t need to prove income for a credit card. You’ll usually be asked your occupation, annual salary and any additional household income.

I have a feeling that stating you are a student with no occupation to speak of is going to rule you out entirely, but you can try - it usually doesn’t affect your score to make searches.

Regarding credit cards, best advice is not to get one. Spend only what you have. None of us listen to this advice of course


Er, it’s perfectly possible to spend what you have on a credit card. I do it every month.