Create an option to log payments as loans and automatically claim it back after a custom amount of time

Can monzo make an option to log a payment as a loan so that it doesn’t add it to your monthly spending and also maybe add an option to automatically request the money back after a custom predetermined amount of time?


This is actually coming via a short term loan of sorts called “Spread the Cost”. Basically allowing you to spread the cost of expensive items etc. over a longer time. I tried looking for the previews but I think this post has it. You might have to zoom in on the picture a little.

It was also mentioned in Valerio’s Q&A.


I think you misunderstand I want them to make an option that if I lend a person money thru the app it can be registered as a loan and not show up as money spent and also then you can maybe set a time for the app to reclaim it automatically…

Ah, I see what you mean now. That sounds like a useful idea, I think it’s been mentioned on a previous thread too but I can’t find the discussion at the moment.

I’d love this. I often loan money to people, and having a way in-app to monitor this would be great. A check-box to hit to mark as “paid back” would be pretty nifty, then it could remove that particular transaction so you know it’s been dealt with.

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