CRA Data Sharing

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Hi Guys,

I know that Monzo use CallCredit for their searches, but I was wondering what data they send back to CallCredit.

Was reading through a few links the other day;

And was basically wondering what data Monzo actually send back to CallCredit / Transunion.

Does anyone know?


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Thanks for the article, I had not considered that the credit reference agencies would be given income info. :frowning:

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and equally, why cant we see it? I’d be pretty cool with all of it being in my credit file, they can even report the eyewatering amount I spend on coffee if they want, as long as I could make sure it’s accurate as with everything else on there. This info seems to vanish into the ether and who knows where or what it actually is?

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I mean for me personally I’d like to know what info they’re sharing back to the CRAs, what the CRAs are doing with that info and how accurate it is - are all my transactions going to CallCredit? Some of them? Did I specifically consent to this? Is this reasonable processing of my data - I’d probably err on the side of; it’s not.

And if they are not currently sharing it, do they have any plans to and if there is a way I can opt-out or cancel my account without having that information shared - all questions I’d like to have answers to I guess.

Would be nice to know, will see if anyone can chime in on it!

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Correct me if im wrong but isn’t that the very basic premise behind GDPR.

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Yeah it sounds like it lol.

From what CallCredit say on their CRAIN statement and the other articles, I’d just like to know exactly what is being shared back to CallCredit.

I know the basics like is there an overdraft, are you overdrawn, is the account in good standing, that stuff is all pretty basic.

But I’m wondering what else is going to them? Some transactions? All our transactions? Some clarity would be nice as a lot of the wording from Monzo is quite vague.

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Anyone from Monzo want to chime in ?

Thank You


Monzo won’t give you in depth information of what they share, the agreements with the CRA’s limit what can be disclosed, otherwise people would publicly know how to cheat the system.

They could probably explain a bit more though than they do.


I had an email last week from Experian to say that they are rolling out options to get transaction data from your bank to better match against lending products by better understanding affordability. I can’t find the email but it suggested this would be an opt in.


I have gotten exactly zero traction from Monzo on any questions related to CRAs in other threads. Not sure why they’re so opaque on this topic specifically.

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Would just be nice to know what they are sharing back to Noddle/CallCredit/TransUnion.

Especially as there’s a few articles knocking about saying some banks do do it and Monzo’s literature is quite light on the topic.

Hopefully someone will chime in.


Cant you ask the CRA? I know they offer credit reports but aren’t I within my rights to request all of the data they hold about me?


This gives you some idea…

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I guess you could do a DSAR on Trans Union but it would be just nicer if Monzo told us.