COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

My crystal ball must have recently been polished because I ordered a few masks this afternoon off Etsy. I’d been umming and ahhing about finding the right type, the right material, the right colour, the right price … and today I just thought, “anything is better than nothing”, so I went for it. I might buy a lottery ticket now.


Gove is always the one to be sent out on a Sunday to vehemently deny anything will change, just before everything changes on the Monday.

Theresa May did it to him time and time again with Brexit, Johnson is carrying on the fun.

I ordered at the weekend when they started saying it’s getting reviewed should be here in a few days

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Not fully clued up on the scientific reasons for wearing coverings but from a user perspective I’ve found Snoods much more practical.

I’ve had 2 masks for a few weeks now, with different types of elastic and both of them were annoying to wear for more than a couple of minutes, one of them hurt my ears, whilst the other heated my face up like I was in an oven.

I’ve found wearing a snood much better has I can actually breathe through it. Probably 100% useless at protection, but then again im only wearing it because Nicola Sturgeon told me to…

Saw This earlier… not sure what to make of it

A snood is going to be less than ideal because there’s a greater risk of cross-contamination from it (masks you can unhook and they come directly off your face, a snood you have to pull all of it over your head to remove).

A certain amount of heating up is I’m afraid to be accepted from a decent mask, and I can live with that if it means other shoppers are better protected in the event I’m carrying Covid-19.

A colleague of mine is part of a crafting group, and she was telling me the other day that her group made headbands with buttons attached, so when you put a mask on you hook it on to the buttons on the headband rather than your ears. That might be something worth looking into if it would help your ears.

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This may be less of an issue when Uniqlo’s airism masks finally go on sale in the U.K.

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This is great advice and important to follow.

I’ve just done an online dance class from the bedroom. Feel much better afterwards.

Are masks enough?


the other day in Lidl somebody walked past me in what can only be described as something like a WW2 gas mask, i was stunned

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I’ve been tying a bandana around my face - I have a nice selection of them already and I prefer to have something tied around the back compared to looped over my ears. They actually end up being larger in space compared to most masks, so I think they’re perhaps more effective, plus you fold them in half before tying them so you end up with twice the thickness of fabric compared to most masks.

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Yeah, I’m likely to go down the scarf route, at least initially, so we’ll how that works if I really, really need to go out somewhere.

Nothing surprises me anymore 🤦

Boris Johnson indicates at PMQs he has not read winter coronavirus report

And another one abusing track and trace:


I’m surprised he uses a barber tbf.

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Definitely good to fold them for the “double layer”.

You can also get masks in different sizes as well from adult small to large etc and children masks (seen loads of parents try to put adult size masks on children).

I’d say a mask is still more effective as that’s what the material is meant to do (plus you need to make sure you’re not touching the exposed area of the scarf when you’re taking them on and off, otherwise you’re just touching the area that is exposed to the outside with your hands when and also, you don’t want to put the areas of a scarf that’s been outside on your mouth by mistake.


  • Make sure you wash anything that’s reusable once or twice a week (ideally daily if you can).
  • Make sure you’re wearing the outside bit on the outside and inside bit on the inside and don’t mix it up (or you’re just putting the “droplets catching area” on your mouth :grimacing:).

For those interested in vaccine related news:

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If the mask is only protecting others from then I’ve already got what the mask collects.

Anyway, who goes near a shop more than once a week?

I find myself doing food shopping on an almost daily basis… but then again, i have a wife and kids to feed… and a dog…

I don’t have the dog but I’ve got the rest. The weekly delivery is down to a fine art which means I may have to go out once by about Sunday evening for any bits we’ve run out of.

With working full time at home it’s about the only trip out I make in a week (although this week I need to visit the surgery and pharmacy for my wife so a couple of extra trips).

Some more positive vaccine related news, this time from a U.K. team: