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As a self-employed person who has always reported all of my profits, I’m feeling pretty smug :sunglasses:

But as a parent who has had a year off for having a baby within the past three years, I will only receive two thirds of the amount available.

That being said, I am able to work from home so probably won’t claim at all.

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I dont think you have to claim, HMRC get in touch with you if you are eligible. My sister is a Driving Instructor and has already had an e-mail from them. With 5 million accounts to assess and make contact with it might be a while before all the eligible folk get contacted. R-

All those who do deals for cash that goes straight into their pocket, have monster out-goings but “earn” 12k a year, are going to struggle!

I’m glad I had enough expenses, I just snuck in below the £50k cap :scream:



Interesting that the HMRC have made contact via email when they frequently advised previously that they don’t use that media and they were scams.

Fraudsters will no doubt try and make a killing with their own versions, and in-mail links.

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Apparently it sets out what will happen and when - and to whom. No bank or personal details are required. R-

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Before you get too excited, it’s the average profit over three years. So if you were trading for three years up to last April, it has to be under £150,000.

Well done, anyhow.

Boris Johnson has tested positive now!!

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I’ve never had to file a tax return yet since I started being technically self employed, i still have my job but if I didn’t and had to claim I wouldn’t know where to start , they need to make things clearer.

But the fact you still have your main job, if you were purely self employed (and if you do get there one day) then I’m sure you’ll know all about the tax return process etc.

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Sorry, my main job is what I’m talking about, I am technically self employed although I only work at that one company, so I call it my job.

I’ve never had to file anything yet , so I wouldn’t know where to start with claiming money if I had to, or even knowing if I could since they say they’ll look at your previous tax returns.

If you’re technically self-employed, you should be filing a tax return.

If you haven’t had to file a tax return, you’re technically not self-employed, so you wouldn’t be eligible.

And even for those who are self-employed as well as being employed, more than half their income needs to come from self-employment.


I haven’t had to file anything yet as I have until January (or whenever they have pushed it off until ) before my first one is due.

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Oh, I see, sorry I misunderstood. The government’s page on the scheme implies that if you didn’t submit a tax return for 2018/19 you can’t get the funding, but I haven’t looked into it in detail. Seems that there should be a way to account for people who started as self-employed in 2019.

As for how to submit a tax return, it’s fairly straightforward. Head to the HMRC website and it tells you how to notify them that you’re self-employed.

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And Matthew Hancock

Wouldn’t be surprised if half the cabinet have it now

I’d recommend hiring an accountant, that’s what I did for my first one this year. Just give them all your invoices and receipts and they’ll handle it all.

Think I paid around £90 but they pay for themselves as they saved me hundreds. I now have peace of mind that it was all done correctly and I won’t be hit with a unexpected bill at a later date.

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I think so. They’ve been living in each others pockets lately.

Hancock still doesn’t look like he knows where he is right now but also managed to acquire a test.

Expect we can wait a few weeks more for Grayling’s announcement as he’s always late with everything.