COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Forgive me if I appear naive or thick here but Is the point of this app not to log your location so you know if you’ve been near to/in contact with someone thats tested positive?

Jason Leitch says it doesnt track you? Im confused…

It uses bluetooth to say hello to mobiles near you for a set period of time and exchange random id’s. It does not need your location to do this. If you get tested and and have covid you put the test code into the app and every phone that has been near you for long enough in the last 14 days will get a notification to tell them. The random id’s are all saved on your phone and not uploaded to a gov service I believe.

The random id assigned to your phone changes all the time (cant recall how often but I think its hourly or so) to prevent anyone else trying to log and track the fact x device has seen the same phone/person every day for example.
The ORG (Open Rights Group) have been talking about it and initially they seem very happy based on the first look. The source has also gone up at

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QR check-ins is a good feature. No more verbally delivering your phone number to everyone listening :eyes:

I wonder whether you’ll be denied entry to places if you don’t have the app.

I’d take a stab at; if you don’t have the app, you’re obliged to hand over your details manually.
To places that actually do this of course. Lots don’t.


Probably not as you’re not denied entry now if you don’t have a mask. I stopped going to shops after I saw a group of young people fooling around in the aisles without masks, touching products and throwing them around and the security guard’s response was :woman_shrugging:

Click and collect, even with substitutions, gives me more peace of mind

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I believe they’re specific QR codes that a restaurant will have to display. Which they’ll have to get from the government etc.

Having followed some people testing the app, the QR codes have not been supported anywhere near them.

So who knows how well they’ll be supported :man_shrugging:t3:

They’ll be optional, as far as I am aware. Hopefully it will work so that all you have to do is scan the QR code, and the system will know that this phone is at this location.

And also the ability to to check out. I am discouraged from going to premises because I don’t want to be contacted if someone with COVID turns up after I have left.

I’d never thought of that!

I wonder how they do it then? Do they do it based on how long you’re likely to be there based on the time you register? Or just tell everyone that went in yesterday that you might be at risk?

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This the question I want an answer to before I register my presence.

Cue the conspiracy theories

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So this is a thing now (again)

I’m not surprised supermarkets didn’t learn from the previous lesson, they’re all greedy

Is it? Or is that just an empty supermarket just before restocking time?


They never get that empty day-to-day normally!

It’s ‘not happening’ around here, the photos could quite easily of being taken after a busy period, you can often find half empty shelves for a number of reasons, not enough staff in to keep up demand due to rota issues, other priorities taking the staff away from that aisle.

It could be from one of the area’s that have just been placed in tight restrictions and an area one off as people rush to get items so they can stay indoors.

The photos could be from way back when an all, just because it’s on the internet it doesn’t make it real.

Once more widespread news is reported then I’m not going to worry about a potential isolated one off.

Also if it was a run on the supermarket they have no control over this so can’t be blamed

Also I’ve just read through some comments and most people are saying supermarkets around them are fine

Bbc are saying in October there could be 50,000 new cases a day “ without action “

I really hope we don’t have another lockdown :rage:

I am skeptical, I was in a local Morrisons today and that was absolutely fine.

This one sounds about right to me.

I certainly wouldn’t be saying it’s a trend yet, not least because as we found last time, saying so can be the thing that makes it so :grimacing: