Control over Activity Feed

Like when you choose how long to sync emails for, it would be nice for tidying things up/tidying up the feed to allow it to display over a period of time, e.g. the setting could be… show items in feed from: a- last 30 days, b- last 3 months, c- all time. This shouldn’t need to affect trends as trends would need the data from all time, which is fine as it is separate from the feed. And since the transactions are all kept in monthly statements there never would be a situation where you couldn’t check your transaction history either. Could be a nice way of keeping things tidy. To take it further, you could incorporate the “search transactions” feature to search from “all time” as well regardless of how much activity you want to see in the feed.

What would this achieve?

If you don’t want to see things from >30 days ago, don’t scroll that far?