Suggestion for the trend data

Hi, I’ve just signed up for Plus mainly for the trend data. While the trend dat is useful to a point I was hoping that it would be more insightful. These are some suggestions from the relatively easy to difficult (I’m guessing)…

Keep the y-axis range the same using the max for the last 6 months (for example). This would make side swiping and comparing the graphs much easier.

Allow the previous month(s) to be overlayed to allow direct comparison.

Show the graphs in landscape mode so they’re bigger.

Allow a cursor to be dragged along the spend line so that we can see individual transactions or maybe the transactions for that day.

Automatically highlight anomalous payments.




These are all standout ideas. :clap:

You can do this, to an extent. But I agree, it would be great to see this in a little more detail