Contactless not working on buses?

Used twice today and no problem. It took about 5 minutes before i got an notification :hugs:

I use my on Diamond buses in Worcestershire through the Diamond Bus app.

Buy an all-day ticket with my Monzo card and then just tap my phone on each bus.

Do First buses have an app, and would that way be easier for you at all?

the way how bus network works outside of London if you use contactless to pay on the bus via apple/Gpay or physical card they are usually offline when try to take the payment the following day and it’s declined then thier system will block that particular card for future use on the buses even if you have money or not, so the way around this you need to re-add your card to Apay/Gpay or get a new card they don’t give you a way to re-authorise your card again like in London transport for it to work again

Used it this afternoon to get home with the card and it worked fine so it does seem to be a Google Pay thing. It’s a fairly new plus card and this is the first time I’ve had to get the bus in years, so there’s no previous decline there to be worried about.

Clearly not Monzo that is the issue here, which is good news

YY. Google Pay (Monzo) declined again today, physical card contactless no issues.

This may or may not be relevent / coincidence, but they always used to take a £1 pending payment and then change it. Some Google Pay stopped working it’s been a £0.10 pending payment, so First have changed something.

My Monzo card keeps getting declined by Dunnes Stores in Belfast. Happened with the old one and with my new Monzo Plus card when trying to pay via my Apple Watch (amount was below 30£), but worked before with other merchants…

I’ve used mine in a different Dunnes Store. The terminals are a bit ropey so I’ve always used chip and pin

Yeah, chip and pin did the job for me too. Odd though, that starling and hsbc work just fine


Is this why the Monzo fraud rate is lower than industry average? Seen a tweet saying this :joy:

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I’ve experienced similar issues with Yellow Bus and More Bus in Bournemouth.

Using my new Monzo Plus card with Apple Wallet (Apple Pay) transactions are instantly declined. Using the same card contactless works fine.

I’ve raised the issue with both Monzo and the bus companies and is being looked into by the Monzo product team.

I hope it gets resolved soon as it’s very annoying.

First bus in Bristol just declined my card using  Pay. Any ideas why?

Hi @Paulw I’m experiencing similar issues on buses in Bournemouth. Can I suggest you start a chat with Monzo and advise them of what’s happening. This is what I did - the more they know the better.

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Yellow Buses, More and First Group all use ticket machines from a company called Ticketer, so that could be the common factor here.


It didn’t work for me on a first bus in Norwich yesterday either. But worked fine everywhere else.

In Norwich I load my FirstBus app from my Monzo card and use it that way.

Hi @stevenje thank you. I will do that. I’ll post again with a response. Cheers

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I’ve also just contacted Monzo via chat about this in the hope that multiple reports will show there is an issue.


This is the reply:

Regarding the contactless terminals not working with Apple Pay, this is an issue that I have experienced personally too :disappointed:I’m afraid it is not likely to be resolved in the short term because it appears that their terminals don’t fully support Apple Pay for it to work.

I’ll have to try using my card, rather than phone to see if this is correct info.

Thanks for letting us know @Paulw - looks like I’ll be reverting back to Barclays for buses as I hardly every use my physical card, mostly Apple Pay these days.

Also, I have used my Monzo Card instead and it works - it’s just when you use it with Apple Pay there is a problem on the buses.

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I promise you it’s coming really soon. We’ve had the security installed for the new machines and we should be trialling them in the next month. The manufacturer is doing their final testing for us.

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