"Confirm delivery postcode" button doesn't work

The “Confirm delivery postcode” button doesn’t work on Android Onplus 6t.
This is urgent as I have 4 days to confirm my address.

Details to reproduce: Open app (Android Oneplus 6t) click “Confirm delivery postcode”.
The screen changes and refreshes back to the main page.
OS: Android 11
Device: OnePlus 6t
App Version:5.46.0



I have the same problem, and also 4 days to solve this.

I am on Android
Phone is Samsung 21 Ultra
App version 5.46

Card out tomorrow, no way for me to change the address. That’s really disappointing… moving my money out, just in case

Same problem here. Any reply from Monzo???

Having the same problem on android 14 (pixel 6). Has anyone found a resolution? Have 4 days to update/ until the new card is sent out