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They seem very positive about Monzo which is good. It seems that the idea of building your own tech is the way forward, if a little pricey at the outset, at least means you can do what you want with it.

Let’s hope that it turns out as well as everyone hopes, I’m sure it will.

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #269

Atom bank today launched 3 and 5 year savings accounts to add to their existing 1 and 2 year accounts

(Alex Sherwood) #270

Strangely, the only mention that I can find from Atom on this was a retweet, anyway, here’s the article they shared

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #271

Yes and on LinkedIn they just linked to that too


It is on their website as well. Strangely their marketing dept seem to be asleep as they don’t seem to ever communicate with their customers to tell them about these (new) products?!

I invested in a savings account with them a while ago (so I’m a customer), but learn about their products here? Seems odd.

I’ve read they’re not overly switched on with customer interaction, unlike Monzo already are. Monzo seem light years ahead with customer service and interaction.

(Alex Sherwood) #273

Looks like Monzo’s on a bit of a roll here :trophy:

a key player in refactoring our concept of personal financial services/banking which gets a commendation for 2016 performance (nigh on 84,000 customers from a standing start) is Monzo which gets my award fot [sic] Best Fintech To Watch 2017

You can listen to Tom’s recent interview with the London FinTech podcast here -

(Thomas Welton) #274

Curve have released their rewards program


That’s a grade C iPhone from eBay if I’ve ever seen it. Surely their marketing department could have done a bit better? If I were the CEO I’d be inviting the marketing person to my office for a chat!


I’ve just had a look at the Curve app, looks very slick and make sense. I wonder if this is something that Monzo will be offering??

This is something which would be very welcome at Monzo, cash back plus free foreign spending.

Be interesting to see what the powers that be at Monzo think about this, it can be offered elsewhere so I guess it can be done by Monzo? It would be great if they could. I’m aware Monzo want to be different, but taking the best parts of other ideas and moulding them into Monzo has to be a winner!!?


A YTS lad or lass or school leaver with no experience in marketing I would think!

I’m not suggesting everyone has £700 lying around for a brand spanking new iPhone, but I’m sure Metro’s marketing budget could have stumped up a bit more. Maybe curbing the biscuits at the CEO’s meetings might have helped??

Oh well, if they are showing they’re not bothered, gets their customers thinking about somebody more professional, that’ll put them Monzo’s way!!

(Thomas Welton) #280

This is something Monzo have mentioned before. And is something I think their head of partnerships will be responsible for


Let’s hope so, that would be a great idea for Monzo, one that I would welcome (cash back) and I’m sure many others as well. Hopefully the new Head of Partnerships will be able to sort this for us all. Interesting times ahead.


Did i hear correctly at just after 31mins in (wouldnt let me scroll back)… “passion capital have invested £12m and a bunch of investors about to invest a lot more” :anguished: hope that bunch includes me!!!

(Alex Sherwood) #283

Yes you did :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s more details here -

And that’s all we know for now…

(Christos) #284

Revolut is now doing bill splitting.


I guess this is now commonplace amongst the newer banks. They also advertise 2 cards per account, so that leaves Monzo open to give us the 2 different card colours if you want!! Hot coral (and/or navy) to swap as the mood takes you, liking it. Come on Monzo.

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #287

only issue with using Curve card with Monzo is it loses a lot of the benefit of Monzo of automatic categorizing of expenditure and retailer details

Fuze Card launch. But will Monzo and other support it?
(Richard Müller, Consultant) #288

Clydesdale are to close 40 branches and Yorkshire Bank are to close 40 branches.

(Colin Robinson) #289

[Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank to close dozens of branches](Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank to close dozens of branches

(Thomas Welton) #290

Looks sweet. I hadn’t seen Revolut before

Edit: Signed up, tells you to top up £10 before you can order a card. And then after you’ve topped up it then tells you there is a £12 delivery charge.