Compasionate Leave @ Monzo or your company?

(Ollie Strong) #1

Could I get some info on what Monzo stance is on compassionate leave? I’ve just been told I wont be paid for an episode 2.5 days relating to an immediate family member. I’d like to know how Monzo or any other companies treat there employees.

(Caspar) #2

There’s a load of info about benefits here - - though ti doesn’t specifically mention compassionate leave. It sounds like it wouldn’t be a problem.

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Every company will be different.

I think most cover compassionate leave if it is a close family relation but anything else you can take unpaid leave.

Length of leave and payment depends on all sorts of factors and all of this will be covered in your workplace contract.

(Jamie Mill) #4

Where I work you get compassionate pay, but you have to request it - it’s not something they just get up and offer if you stay quiet.


Every company is different, the company I work for has a very flexible leave policy. You get a limit you can use, which you can split over different reasons, rather than a simple written breakdown of what you need time off for. Due to flexibility there is actually a decrease in time off for the wrong reasons, because you don’t need to make an excuse if you need time off.

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Parent, child, partner or sibling only in the places I’ve worked

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As per the contract I signed. Been different everywhere I’ve worked.


I work in HR and find it so illogical when places offer full sick pay and not paid compassionate leave. It encourages people not to look after themselves at a time they should. Plus, should a company want someone at work when possibly far from their best? They might then be quite resentful or at worst have a period of sickness that lasts longer (costs the company more) than some compassion would have been in the first place.

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Hi Oliver,

What specifically would you like to know? We offer 10 days of compassionate leave to all staff as standard, access to grief counselling, and if further paid leave is needed then that’s a conversation that can be had between the staff member, their manager, and our People team.


Where I work we’ve recently increased it from 1 week to 4 weeks compassionate leave in the last year. Also have access to counselling.

I imagine it really depends on the organisation and how people centric they are on top of our annual leave we also get up to 3 personal days for things like volunteer work, getting a new pet, birthdays but the reasons are not too prescriptive and dictated. Generally stuff you wouldn’t want to use your holidays for.

My previous employer offered 3 days compassionate leave😞.


I was at work when I received a phone call that my Dad had died. I told my supervisor and I was immediately relieved of all duties and ordered home. It was expected that I would be gone for a minimum of one week. I chose to return to work after 4 days I was in my forties at the time and so I probably found it much easier to deal with than maybe someone much younger, plus my Dad’s death had been expected, so I had had time to get used to the fact it was coming. The level of support I received from my supervisors and colleagues was second to none. I’m in a completely different area of employment now. I’m not entirely sure what my company policy is concerning compassionate leave, but if I were in the same position again, I’d just make it clear I was leaving to deal with the arrangements and I wouldn’t return until I had sorted everthing.