Committed Spending - Manual Adjustment

I live in a flat with two others where the direct debits for bills come from a mixture of our bank accounts. They aren’t with Monzo and don’t intend to join. As a result, my committed spending is off as I really only pay a third of what the direct debit is and receive bank transfers for the other two thirds.

I joined Monzo as I loved the idea of being able to manage my money through the summary tab. However, the new situation I’m in has made this difficult.

My idea is to give a manual adjustment option on the committed spending. That way I can increase or decrease the amount to reflect my real situation. I know if my flat mates were on Monzo it would be able to work it out for me using but they do not intend to join.


+1 I would also like to see something like this. Not all bills and direct debits are going to be automatically picked up as committed spending. I would like to be able to select a payment and set it as regular committed spending along with a nominal amount for a bill that fluctuates.

Until the committed spending is more comprehensive and transparent I feel it’s more dangerous than it is useful. It’s misleading and I don’t feel in control