Come to our listening session with ADHD UK

Hey everyone!

Back in June we commissioned YouGov to carry out some research with people living with ADHD, to better understand their experiences of managing their personal finances.

As part of that work, next week on October 13th between 5pm - 7pm, we’re hosting a virtual listening session with ADHD UK to discuss this in more detail - and you’re invited!

A bit more about the event:
• It’s part of our ongoing work to understand how we can support our customers and Monzo staff who have lived experience with ADHD
• The listening session will be a facilitated discussion about how we can learn about and support the needs of people with ADHD

Join us if you:
• Have lived experience of ADHD and the challenges it can bring with managing money and in the workplace • If you have thoughts on how we can help improve the user experience for people with ADHD • If you’re comfortable speaking in a session about these challenges with other members of the Monzo customer community, Monzo staff and the charity ADHD UK

If you want to come along, fill out this form by October 11th, we’ll review the responses and randomly select people to join us


This is a great idea thank you for organising!

I can’t seem to access the form sadly:


Yep. Even the great Tom MacMonier does not have permission! :frowning:


We’re looking to update - watch this space :eyes:


We’ve got an updated link and I’ve also updated it in the original post :pray:

Thanks for spotting @Stompy and @N26throwaway - lemme know if you can access.

Link :point_right: here


It works now! Will pass this along to my brother, it might interest them.


What a brilliant session! Thank you Monzo for organising it.