Collected thoughts on card design

I was only charged a minimal fee. Can’t quite remember

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I upgraded to Plus for £1.

Ordered the chromatic card, free with no delivery charge.

Cancelled plus once card turned up, £1 refunded - but £4.99 delivery charge for card.

So all in, only cost £4.99


It is. I tried to register my Monzo card three times and I’d get a notification saying it was successful, only to find that the card wasn’t registered in the app. It’s only when I deleted the app and downloaded it again that it showed up.

Same happened again with topping up (balance didn’t update until force close) and exchanging currency (force close again).

Also, what’s the deal with the super short card validity? People on the HFP forum were saying they were getting 12/22 expiry dates back in May - I just got my card and it’s also 12/22 expiry, so only valid 4 and a bit months.

I’ll be hitting the spend target and then running I think.

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Maybe they don’t expect to be around beyond December :innocent:


Unsure of my chosen colour for new Virgin money credit card…


Just looks the same as the Starling card, which personally I hate. :rofl:


I like that blue colour, but there just something about it that doesnt look right on that card. Maybe the red stands out a bit too much, or maybe so much white doesnt work too well against it?


I’d go for the white version, or maybe pink. But not that aqua.

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I may or may not be on the phone to them currently… Well actually I am. I was unable to link my card to the app. Turns out the date of birth they have for me has the day and month reversed. I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes and counting while the agent finds out how we sort this :upside_down_face:

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Activated the card – my expiry is also only December 2022…

How does topping this up work? Do they take money from your other card as you spend, or do you “connect” a debit card, they charge it, then the money becomes available for you to spend with the BA card?

First up, could we get a new topic for all these posts? I think we’re at the point where this card should have its own discussion with the existing posts moved there. Could one of the admins here take care of this please?

So it’s a prepaid card, so you need to deposit money into the account before you can spend.

Even more annoying is that if you want to spend in other currencies you need to transfer money into your USD or EUR wallet before you can spend it. If you forget the transaction still goes through as long as you have balance in another currency, but you get hit with a transfer fee.

I’m in Austria at the moment and I’ve used the card a few times, but I’m finding quite a few terminals are declining the card, I’d say it’s roughly 25% of the time I’m hitting declines at the moment, so not the best experience.

Barclaycard’s old supply of platinum cards seem to be finally exhausted. Don’t think anyone posted a pic of the physical card here. I much prefer it to the old design! Blue card core is gone now.


Also please be aware as I have just noticed this myself. The exchange rate you get with the BA prepaid card is really not good. I can’t find this anywhere in the jargon but they certainly don’t give you the mastercard exchange rate as far as I can see.

Please correct me if I am wrong but using today as an example.

Mastercard GBP to EUR 1.8
BA prepaid GBP to EUR 1.5

It appears that this card is only good for use in the UK currently.

Oh this looks very nice!


This card is really reallly nice


Ooh, like that too!

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Looks like Santander has (finally!) refreshed its credit card range. The global rebrand happened 3.5 years ago, so it shouldn’t have taken this long.


Oh no! My dog just ate my card. Whatever will I do?!


That’s really nice, I’m a fan!


Everything card anyone ? I recently received a invite

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