Collected thoughts on card design

I think you can just choose a design.


Does Virgin Money use the same debit card design for Private Banking, or do they have something different?

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Can confirm this is the case! :slight_smile:

Got a new card which I don’t think has been posted.

It’s a British Airways Prepaid Mastercard. Issued by Prepaid Financial Services Ltd.

BIN 542230


Nice packaging.


What is the Avios reward rate on the card?

£2 / 1 avios plus a 2.99 monthly fee from month 6.

100% not worth it as the Barclaycard (free) is £1/1


Unless (like me) you get turned down for the Barclaycard. :sob:
If you batter the prepaid card everywhere that doesn’t take Amex for the first 6 months, there is some benefit, although I do agree with you after that, the £2.99 fee could possibly wipe out any benefits.


Did you go via the Head for Points (I think?) offer for extra Avios?

yep :wink: thats the only reason why I got it

Also the offer starts only when you activate it so I’m waiting until I’m ready for it


Oh, have you got a link by any chance?

3,000 Avios bonus instead of 1,500.

Thanks! Doesn’t recognise the promo code :confused:

Weird. I don’t think they have changed it

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I think the app was just shit. No positive feedback if the code has been accepted successfully, and when I tried to press “return” to make sure it’s definitely accepted it put in a random space which made it show up as invalid

I guess I’ll find out when I start spending. Should be easy enough with grocery shopping, I hope. I presume the card works online as normal?

I haven’t got mine yet; I was waiting to trigger my companion voucher with my Amex first, which I will today hopefully.


Got offered the Revolut Chromatic card for free, paying £1 a month for Premium.

Didn’t want to miss it again after last time.

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They’re offering it for free with an upgrade to Plus for me. Hopefully can cancel it after the Month as not interested in it really.

I have the same offer, do you get tied into paying anything if you cancel within the first month??

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I’m not entirely sure. I’m hoping it’s minimal (was too lazy to do the due diligence).