BA Avios Prepaid Card

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I suppose teething issues are bound to happen with every card, but this really feels like a poorly thought out card… Given that I have taken it out, I will try and hit the £500 spend limit for my bonus Avios, but I will be cancelling immediately afterwards.

What are you using for topping up? Monzo? I read somewhere that First Direct are even blocking transactions to this card…

I might sign up just to get the card and add it to the collection - looks quite nice.

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Literally the main reason 90% will get this card I would imagine.

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thats what I’m doing. Not worth either the avios/£ or the monthly fee.

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Okay, so I registered my RBS debit card. It says “registered successfully” but every time I try to top up, it just says it’s been unsuccessful…

Edit: changed over to Monzo card and now it’s worked. I hope RBS/Monzo won’t have issues with having to move money from one to the other to the third… the things I do for 3000 Avios…

Edit 2: yup, just had a call from the RBS fraud team, saying they weren’t a fan of the transactions I attempted. This card is an absolute farce

Also, what is this card name???

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Oh lordy. Great start for them :joy:

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To be fair nobody I know has had any issues with it. It’s simply a prepaid card to top up and spend with.

If RBS are blocking the transaction that’s an RBS issue.

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It’s not just RBS, it’s First Direct too. It seems banks just don’t like whoever is the underlying provider for this card

And now every time I try to log in, the app just logs me out “for my security”. I’ve just about had enough but I’m determined to spend the bloody £500 just because I’m stubborn now

Is it 500 whole pounds, discounting any pence, or is it £500 in total

I mean, I would aim to go a little over. There are always things burried in the terms and conditions that they’ll try and catch you out with.


Just replying to this:

Yes you’re right, the rate is reasonable, but not perfect.

HFP addressed this in their article, and it turns out that leaving the money in your GBP wallet is the best thing to do.

When travelling abroad, you have two options:

  • you can move funds from the Sterling ‘wallet’ on your card into either the Euro or Dollar wallets, or
  • you can keep your funds in the Sterling ‘Wallet’ with transactions being charged at the Mastercard exchange rate + 1.5%

The second option applies by default if you make a purchase which is not in € or $. You also find the second option cheaper than the first even if you are spending in € or $, as we explain below.

This means that, whilst transactions made in € or $ are FX-free themselves, you are still paying roughly 3% to move your ‘wallet’ currency out of Sterling in the first place.

If you spend in other currencies:

There is a 1.5% FX fee for transactions in currencies apart from Euro and US$.

Oddly, because these transactions work off the Mastercard exchange rate – which is only slightly away from the interbank rate – the fees are lower at around 2% all-in.

You can read more here: LAST CHANCE: Get 3,000 Avios with the FREE BA Prepaid Mastercard

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Well, my card arrived today, I’ve so far managed to register it, link my nationwide debit card, load it and spend 50% of what is needed for the bonus Avios :rofl:
At this rate, I’ll be done with the card by the end of the week :joy:

Target met for me now. Just need to wait for the Avois to post then my time with this card is done.

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Let us know how cancelling it goes.


£500 spend target met :white_check_mark:
Now just to wait for the Avios :hourglass_flowing_sand:


I have used it online, and also through Apple Pay. Avios have tracked. Not sure about the welcome bonus as it seems they’ll make us all wait 120 days for that.


Okay thanks for the intel! Sorry for posting a new thread - new to this forum stuff

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No worries, happy to help!

I’ve used the card in :greece: and am waiting for the 3000 bonus points.
Only 1 issue with acceptance.
Part of me thinks there is a delay in currency conversion- I’d only left it 15 minutes and it declined. Every other time I waited 30 minutes or more and now issue.

I believe we’ll all be waiting 120 days for that!