Coinbase launches debit card in the UK


I’ve signed up, but I’m not entirely sure why :joy:

For me, bitcoin is a super-speculative bet on some kind of once-in-a-millenium financial meltdown which completely devalues all fiat money. If this happens I’m not sure I’d be able to use a Visa card in the shops :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The fees are seriously high, over 5% for overseas transactions, you’d be better off spending on a credit card and selling your crypto once a month.

Doesn’t seem like this really solves a problem.

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For me, it’s an easy way to pull out my XRP if the prices ever get to where they were last year. At that time I needed to verify my account and by that time it was too late.

Two hours later and still within first 1,000 to sign up.

Conbase has always been expensive, but i have no doubt this will be another success for them… Simply because so many people already use their service and want convenience at their fingertips.

And truth be told… if BTC made me rich during the bull run… i don’t think i’d be too fussed about the charge.

My local pub accepts Bitcoin payments so I applied and made it in the first 1000 :smiley:

If your local pub accepts BTC directly from your BTC wallet, why sign up for this VISA card?

This use of this card is only really applicable if you were to require a BTC --> FIAT conversion (using their exchange service @ a cost), to then spend using VISA’s standard service.

Surely the ideology of using BTC is to avoid the middle-man… not add one ?

To clarify, my local pub (and many others in Manchester) accept BTC but I haven’t asked how they do it as I still use FIAT by card payment. I only have a small amount (relatively) of BTC and basically use it for playing the markets, my form of gambling I suppose. To have a card that would allow me, if I choose, to pay using my “winnings” just gives me an extra means of payment. I’ll probably hardly, if ever use it but it would be there as a “just in case” option.

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Gained access to the app today and I can’t say I’m overwhelmed with excitement.


Got mine today :joy:

Just need crypto now :joy:

App does look a bit bland :wink:

Would be great if it wasn’t massively flawed by the 5% cost of using it

I think it’s 5% anyway


Just came through the post!

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My new Coinbase Card just came through the post - out with the old (dark blue), in with the new (light blue). Think I prefer the hue and design of the old card, but much prefer their merge of Coinbase Card old into the regular Coinbase app.

Anyone else using this?


Didn’t know this existed! Is there a delivery fee, or some other cost associated with ordering one?

Nope no delivery fee for me, not other cost.

Definitely adds utility to any crypto you hold on Coinbase for sure, having the optionality to spend it directly.

I’m not interested in holding anything, just the card in my collection :sweat_smile:


Thanos entered the chat :speech_balloon: