Code Club came to Monzo

Last week we helped host Code Club’s largest meetup in London so far! :tada:

Find out what went down


I wish I had the intelligence for coding, and the imagination to bring it to life.

We have an IT guy at work and we ask for xyz, he thinks and goes yeah ok I think I can make that work.


You should totally let him know about CodeClub! They rely very heavily on volunteers going into schools and teaching kids :smiley:

New people are always awesome :+1:

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Not at all supportive of this at all. State schools struggle to deliver a barely adequate education to the majority of their students as it is. The level of complacency in schools and parents of state school children is just mind boggling. In contrast the pampered, spoilt children in Independent Schools are often no better served despite their education costing significantly more. Why? Firstly because mathematics teaching in the UK is crap. It is worse than third world countries, Secondly UK children in, all educational sectors, lack motivation. And thirdly majority of parents are even less educated than their offspring and completely unable to help.

CodeClub is designed to help with this - running alongside the school curriculum, getting more children into coding and extending those are high achievers. :slight_smile:

This is a separate argument but as someone who’s parents teach in independent schools, I think this is a rather stereotypical view. The percentage of privately educated students going to Russell Group universities compared to the state sector speaks for itself…

Would’ve been cool if this existed whilst I was at school :slight_smile:

I learnt mad Excel skillz though in IT, so I guess I got that going for me (despite not using Windows since I left!).


Russel group unis are very much over rated. My daughter never tires of repeating she is at one. It remains the case that most of her pals are at one unnamed RG uni which is currently headed by her former school vice principal. I know for a fact that one at least got her place because her parents made a financial contribution. Meanwhile the ex head of the school is now head of one of two leading London Indies. He got there largely by kowtowing to the Anglican hierarchy not because he had any academic merit. Interestingly some 95% of all Fulbright scholarship holders are from the indy sector and two leading London Independents (as the formula goes). It’s a very good deal. They get very financial support and a much more flexible academic choice. I look at countries like Japan and contrast their education with that of the West. The only thing I find to criticize is the huge pressure Japanese parents subject them to.

Totally agree - I’m not at one :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed - I’m not sure why our education system is so rubbish, I think it comes down to money. The wages in the system (state and independent, the latter being marginally better) are not great, so the best talent (arguably the people that should be teaching the next generation) are not incentivised to work in the education sector.
It’s also a Catch 22 - the horror stories that the press publish about the education system drive people way…which is what causes the horror stories!

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Really interesting insight, Nick - a good read.
(A paragraph or two would aid reading though :wink:).

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No one cares.

Not sure how this is at all related.

Again, unrelated.

Again, not at all related. Even then, source and citation needed.

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…and the rest of your responses…

Didn’t think this forum was into contributions such as yours here. Bad day at the office?

Surely you can do better than that.

In fairness, the person he was responding to missed the point of the thread a little imho

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You know what I mean. ‘No one cares’ is the sort of response which puts folk off contributing, don’t you reckon?