New Education Category

Hi there,

Love Monzo, it’s definitely changed the way I manage my money. But it seems crazy that there is no education category when I’m allocating my spending! Oversight is an understatement I reckon. I’m learning to code and the closest thing I could assign my Udemy course to was personal health? (good for the mind and all). Considering the success of Monzo with a younger generation how has this been missed?

While it’s a good suggestion there are a lot of people who make requests for categories that they feel are useful.

Instead of doing all these and having a huge list, it is probably better that Monzo just allow people to create their own.

You can vote for it below and just use a hashtag for now:


Could you put it in general and add #education?

Sure thing. You’re going to have to bear with me, first ever forum post, I’ll figure out where to move it. (thumbs up emoji, ruffling in drawer sounds)