Clim8 Invest Discussion and Feedback

Has any of you heard anything about the soon to be released Clim8 Invest app?

I’ve been referred to their app early access. Apparently, they’re planting a tree for each friend referred to their waitlist: :smiley: :evergreen_tree:

There are other alternatives offering green saving products, but it seems new to me one company focusing purely on sustainable investing: electric vehicles, renewable energies, cleantech, etc.

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Definitely a cool concept!

A friend referred me to who offer investment portfolios based on a few factors, including a clean energy / climate change addressing one.

They also just got B corp certified which I like.

Edit: they also were (maybe still are?) doing the plant a tree per referral.

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By the look of it, it seems that Clim8 Invest is closer to a fund manager, offering curated portfolios of many stocks. This on paper means that Clim8 focuses on sustainability that offers a richer green offering than generalist platforms and they could do better than single passive ETF tracker platforms.

Tickr, on the other hand, invests in a passive climate change ETF rather than an actively managed portfolio…I’m not sure why you wouldn’t bypass Tickr and just go to the ETF provider like BlackRock or Lyxor and not pay Tickr’s fee?

Clim8 claims that specialist active management can do better than single passive ETF tracker products, which they say it’s greenwashing in many cases. These and other thoughts were featured recently in the 11:FS breakfast series

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Thanks @CuriousGeorge and @Alexferrigno for your input.

Judging on those, these two companies look more similar than they really are.

Clim8 Invest apparently raised £1.5m in Crowdcube earlier this year: Not bad for a newbie with no live product, it looks they may be plotting something big with that backing.

BTW - I dropped my referral in the Referral Wiki in case someone wants to lend a hand :slight_smile:

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Well. Here we go.

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