Christmas 🎄 pics

I’ll start it off with this fine specimen spotted in someone’s front driveway on the way home from the city.



Birmingham German Christmas Market

Redditch town centre. This one has a walkway through it, albeit fenced off :man_shrugging:

Outside Birmingham Hippodrome (I already posted this one on the Chase thread

Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Redditch, Worcestershire

I am in Bristol next Saturday for panto. Oh, yes I am! So I’ll see if any around there. There is normally one in Cabot Circus, if I drift that way.

This was Bristol’s tree in 2019

And below are a couple from National Trust properties the same year:


Grand Central, Birmingham

New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham


Tesco are selling “Mrs Hinch” branded trees now. Instagram is invading real life!

Who is Mrs Hinch, and does all that rubbish come with the trees, or is it just added for decorative purposes only?

She’s an Instagram lifestyle “influencer”

Pretty much everything in her “perfect” house is that same shade of grey, so I imagine it is part of the deal here

I just spend too much time online, I’m not actually going to buy one

Santa trying to hide it, but here’s the tree in Cabot Circus, Bristol

And now when lit up


TBH, for £25 and Tesco, those aren’t half bad looking trees! Artificial though, I presume?

Merry Christmas to you all!

I’ve very much enjoyed debating / arguing with you all over the last year and look forward to more discussion in 2022.



Merry Hill, West Midlands