Our Office Christmas Tree


I could explain. But it would be more fun just to leave it here without an explanation.

Was thinking of sticking a Monzo sticker on something and attaching it!


No…you need to explain :rofl:

We don’t have one in our office, we’re all Grinches :grimacing:

EDIT: But you should DEFINITELY stick a Monzo sticker on it…whatever IT is…

This is… beautiful.

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It’s a Grinch tree!

We had a festival at work back in May and one of the events was a pirate themed thing :skull_and_crossbones: (long, long story). Anyway, this inflatable palm tree ended up in our office and seven months later my colleagues decided to repurpose it as the Christmas tree. :christmas_tree:

This wasn’t my idea, it’s what happens when I take a day off!

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Needs some tinsel around its fin

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Good idea, I’ll bring some in tomorrow as the only tinsel we have is on the :palm_tree:

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Actually it might suit a Santa hat :thinking:

:joy::joy: Makes sense now!

Last year I made one out of post-it notes…never again, I wasted a whole day on it just for one social media picture…

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Hmm, I can see that but it would be swiped by someone looking to avoid a “Bah Humbug” fine for the upcoming Christmas Jumper Day.

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Any chance of seeing this? :joy:

I’ll try and dig it out. Expect to be underwhelmed.

My expectations are never very high anyway…

Couldn’t find the post-it note one, but found the one from the year before.

A bit of context: The business was in its early stages, couldn’t afford a Christmas tree, so I got creative. The office is located behind a wooded area so I collected some fallen branches, went to Poundland for some fairy lights, baubles and the star. Total cost: £3.



I love it! :joy:

Still better than this: