Christmas Jumper Day

Anyone (including Monzo) doing it?! And what do you think about it?

We are at my workplace although I’m a bit against it to be honest - I’d rather just give the money to Save the Children than buy a tacky jumper. I chose to wear this instead…


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I’ve got one of these… as close as i’ll get to a christmas jumper…

Edit: Apparently no longer available in Men’s t-shirts… :thinking:

I’m not at work today, but if I was I’d be wearing this. Bought it last year after I was watching an Ellen and saw tWitch wearing it. There’s no-one that can say that isn’t the best Christmas jumper ever.

Toe–curling forced ‘fun’ from the ‘if you don’t join in there’s something wrong with you’ brigade.

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We are quite relaxed here at our site so a few people wore them, and if they weren’t working Friday they wore it another day. I’ve been wearing mine all week though - same one as last year! Funnily enough most people’s were from last year.

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We had Christmas Jumper Day in the school I work in. Every kid wore one. If they didn’t have one we had a spare stash to hand out from donated ones. I’m bit mixed at running it in school as children grow so parents have to keep buying jumpers each year.

Personally, I don’t grow anymore so I bought one a few years back for this specific day and now I just wear it on that this every year, as well as Christmas Day. No need to buy another.