Chip functionality in Monzo app

(Jack Donovan) #1

Seeing as there seems to be no comments on when / if integration with Chip is happening,

Does Monzo by any chance possess a similar tech, or plan to possess a similar tech that it can be done in house?

(Maybe this will be a pulse graph function?)

Thanks all :kissing:


There is some discussion here on Chip :slight_smile:

(Jack Donovan) #3

You know what? I’m a numpty. I actually new that existed.

I just thought because I’m not actually talking about Chip and suggesting Monzo do something similar, I feel it didn’t fit in that thread

(I’ve also asked in that thread if there is any idea when chip integration is coming, and nobody from Monzo answered) :frowning:


FYI - You’re not guaranteed an answer here from Monzo. They might not see all the threads all the time. You can ask via in-app chat, however. :smile:

(Jack Donovan) #5

Very good point :yum: that wasn’t intended as a dig at all :slight_smile:

I feel like for new features though. This is definitely the best place to ask. Because the answer I would get. 100% is “We are definitely looking to integrate with Chip in the future!”

And the whole Coin pot thing came out on here early… I might get a sneaky preview about this thing too :kissing::kissing:


I know this will get merged soon, but while this is active… how does Chip and Plum work in terms of opening an account with Barclays when I have only provided name and account details?

(Alex Sherwood) #7

It won’t :slight_smile: this is a separate request from asking for a Chip integration in my opinion.


Orignal Post From: Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Alex Sherwood) #9

Yeah so this request is assuming that Chip won’t do the integration so - can Monzo build the functionality instead?

I still think Ben’s comment is the (much) more likely scenario but this is a separate thing :slight_smile:


I know and really no issues.

Just bit bored so pulling your leg. Sorry :smile:

(Jack Donovan) #11

Chip have recently said on twitter that they are working on it… Monzo was tagged in the discussion and didn’t respond. I can’t help but feel like they don’t like each other :joy:

I just want a date. But if Monzo did do it in house, I wiould obviously use that. Easier :smiley:

If that is the case though, can Tom and Donald please meet up for a coffee and sort it out? :kissing: :coffee:

(Jack Donovan) #12

I have wondered this

As far as I am aware, I think they are set up as trust accounts?

So it’s Chips account, but in your name.

(I could be completley wrong - but can’t see it being done any other way, otherwise you could theoretically walk in to a branch with ID and withdraw from it)