ISA auto save

Now we have ISA’s in Monzo it would be great if we could also get an auto save algorithm (I.e Chip) to fill it up.

I hate that Iv got a random savings account with Chip outside of my core banking and I’m also suspicious of them having read only access to my current account.

I like the concept of Chip, I think Monzo could do it better.

Don’t you just turn round ups on for the ISA Pot? Haven’t got one yet so can’t tell if that’s how it works.

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Iv not opened the ISA yet as I have one with another bank that needs closing first.

I do however have roundup for a savings pot but that’s not what chip does, chip dynamically analyses your income and spending and automatically saves what you can afford.

That + Roundup win win on the savings front for the non disciplined saver.


Why not just wait until Monzo is hooked up to Chip?