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It was clearly going to happen and they were just waiting for somebody to make the first move.

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Why does Chip say I have earned £0.00 in interest in March when checking my statement, when I know I’ve earned a couple pounds at least.

Anyone have the same experience?

The interest is paid on the 4th working day of the following month, as per the T&Cs. We should receive it tomorrow.

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Anyone got their interest payout yet?

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I didn’t notice it until the evening last month.

Just received an email from Chip - “Your monthly interest payment is here”.


Chip have increased their Instant Access account interest rate to 3.71%, effective immediately.


Might be worth moving for that

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If you do open a Chip account, don’t forget they have a £25 referral offer - though you need to keep a minimum of £5k with them for 180 days (which is a tad excessive) to qualify

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The gap is just widening between Chip and competitors. Makes me regret moving my money from the app.

It’s just customer service is so slow to respond I don’t feel comfortable with that, but at the same time what is the worst that would happen? I don’t think they’d just close my account and freeze all of my money especially if just done nothing wrong. However I have been moving around large sums of money lately.

Chip looks like they’re really pulling through on their claims. 3.7%+ is insanely good at the moment, much better than the 3.3% I’m at with Marcus.

Please someone talk some sense into me so I move my money back to Chip lmao


It’s too late for me, I transferred over :joy:

I’ve only used them once to ask them to change my linked bank account and they responded within about 30 minutes.


iOS app updated today. You can now make deposits to your instant access account via Faster Payments from your linked account instead of having to use Open Banking.

Can finally set up a regular deposit without having to pay their fee.

I just manually sweep what’s left in my current account the day before I get paid.

Where can I find the sort code and account number

It’ll give you the information you need when you choose that option to make a deposit.


Looks like Chip still needs to fully update the entire app to reflect new features haha (still tells us to only add money from within the app despite ability to now add money via account number)

Anyone get their interest pay out yet? Or is it not today?

It is always the 4th working day of the month, as I said last month (and as it says in the T&Cs and Help Centre).