Child account - You spent how much on shoes!?

Hey, I was just thinking I’d love to have the ability to have an account for each of my children within my Monzo plus account that presented as special pots. It would be great if these pots had their own cards for my children so they could spend the cash and also add their own money but I could have some sort of parental control through my app. Lots of opportunities but perhaps, it could offer some sort of pre-approval system for large purchases and maybe even the ability to specify an emergency pot that they could dip into if they needed some money in a hurry… Whadya think?

There was a thread on here about kids accounts. I think something similar to this was suggested by a few people.
I think it would be a great idea, especially the large spend authorisation bit.
A d maybe not just on monzo plus but an add on to the standard account too for those that don’t want or need the full plus package.

Family accounts have been suggested in the past as another ‘paid for’ service. We haven’t seen any progress on that front recently though.

Thread for family/kids accounts →


I think it’s an idea Monzo should definitely focus on later. There’s much to do first to make them do the (few) things mainstream banks do better than they can.