Cheque Imaging 📱

DVLA do bank transfers for most things now. You just need an online account or to give them the details on the application / form.

Otherwise they default to cheque.

For medical reports


Yep sadly not for this. Have asked multiple times. They’re also months late in making payments!

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That sucks :slightly_frowning_face: They’re doing it with pretty much everything else so hopefully it won’t be much longer that this is merged with the same system.

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Bit of a sweeping statement to go from cheque imaging to things in general.


Yes, but the last time I was in this position they required an IBAN, which Monzo also don’t have.

In fact, every company that’s wanted to refund by cheque and I’ve asked for bank transfer instead have required an IBAN, and that’s if they’re able to refund it via bank transfer at all.

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Why? :laughing: I’ve never had that either!

I don’t know! But it seems to be a pretty standard thing for receiving refunds via bank transfer.

First time I encountered this was getting Apple Care refunded on a product I’d returned.

It’s actually primarily why I’ve brought a legacy bank back into my stack of active day to day accounts. I could live with mailing off cheques (for free), but as companies are now starting to move to bank transfers requiring an IBAN, it’s not a concession I can comfortably make anymore. And as such I’d argue that even if cheque imaging isn’t worth it due to dwindling usage, IBANs absolutely are, because without them Monzo can never be my only or my everything bank.


At a guess, it’s for internationally based companies which aren’t connected to domestic U.K. payment systems.

They can either pay via the SWIFT network, using an IBAN, or they can use a cheque processed via a correspondent bank.

Also, it’s possible that they are asking for the IBAN as a more fool-proof way of recording the sort code and account number, since IBANs include a check digit alongside the sort code and account number.


I wasn’t blaming you :rofl: I was just curious to know why.

I’ve had refunds from the DVLA for all sorts and have never been asked for IBAN. For example on road tax refunds, there’s a paragraph on the back of the “we owe you £X” letter. This says that if you do nothing they’ll issue a cheque in 6 weeks or if you go online, give them your account details you can have the money in 2 weeks.

Don’t quote me on the timescales - I can’t remember exactly what they are.


That’s true, I’d forgotten that. Rather not wait 6 weeks. R-

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There going to be doing open banking payments this year as well


Wow, must admit I hadn’t noticed they don’t issue an IBAN! All my other accounts (including Revolut, Starling and even Monese!) have them so I didn’t realise Monzo don’t.


I don’t think it’s a proper one with Revolut. I’ve tried using that and companies can’t validate it.


Revolut is a bit of a special case, since the IBAN is totally separate to the U.K. domestic payment account details.

I assume this is because of the way Revolut is set up, where your account is actually “buckets” of different currencies linked to various different account details.

Revolut don’t have standalone “accounts” in the traditional sense, and the IBAN uses the equivalent sortcode of 00 which is reserved for IBANs only.


Anyone else keep dropping by this thread to see if there is an update but knowing full well it won’t ever get implemented?

You can vote for it at least now The Big 2022 Poll: Expectations and Wishes!

You could vote for it before. Its at the top of this topic.


The thread you keep linking isn’t for votes. It’s just for chat and wishes.

Sadly the ones you want don’t seem to have that much desire to get completed, despite the votes. Votes are largely meaningless.


I gave the sort code a quick check again in case they had joined the cheque clearance gang on the QT:

Until they join up I cannot imagine they would even begin to start any coding for the app and backend



From what I remember back when Monzo staff last discussed it, the beginning of the process is to develop the back-end ready to plug-in to the ICS at a set integration window. These only occur a few times per year, and if you miss one you have to wait for the next opportunity.

There would then be a period of testing before developing the front-end and finally launching the feature.