Chat verification security

I have no sympathy for anyone that has a smartphone with sensitive info such as banking apps etc on it and does not have any form of pin and then that info gets ‘compromised’ or they are relieved of funds especially when phones even ask you to set a pin on setup.

No sympathy at all.


I even have a privacy screen on mine, you have to be lookign straight at it to see anything. No shoulder surfing for me.

I had a 3M one on my old phone, was awesome.

Need one for this now.

My phone has a fingerprint reader on it, as standard, but if someone really wanted to I would expect them to be able to break this.

I don’t see this as something high priority, but more of a ‘nice to have’ - a delete function isn’t that complicated to implement.

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My phone does not have Touch ID, but on another phone which does I can’t use it due to a dermatological condition

You need an iphone-X then dude


yep…but out of my £100 price range :wink:

Very unlikely. Ensure your phone is encrypted, and you’re very safe - far safer than a PIN on the app would be.

Then use a lockscreen PIN.

We’ll have a whip round for you

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cool…that would be much appreciated

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Personally I am against extra security layers they are like extra taps to reach to the information I want to see. If phone is protected by PIN or biometrics then there is no need for App to be secured again with an extra password/pass code.


We always get to this point Ali when Richard trolls us with his PIN needs :smiling_imp:

I’m sure the optional ‘protect app with touch ID’ switch will gain a PIN version at some point if only to make Richard happy :wink: :rofl:


Android Pay is something a lot of people tell me is not secure enough because you can just hold your phone to the payment terminal and done no need to touch finger print sensor or enter pin it works just like contact less card. But to set your Android Pay your phone must have PIN or biometrics protection enabled and Android Pay can check that automatically. Maybe Monzo can do something like that but not another pass code please


The specific issue the OP mentioned (of verification information being persistent in the in app chat) has been discussed elsewhere but the upshot was when Monzo replaces intercom with in house software they’ll look to have special “verification” chat items that can be triggered by COPs, and which aren’t persistent.

With regards to phone/app security: at the moment, to do any “action” in app you need your PIN. I understand people might want more security but not less, ie pin to open app - I don’t, that would ruin the smooth experience for me. Maybe it should be optional?
I do not understand those with no/pattern based authentication moaning about app security - secure your phone first!


the issue is not doing ‘actions’ but viewing data

I am aware - hence:

Happy to edit if it’s not clear that’s what I meant?


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Hey Dominic
I’ve moved your post and subsequent replies here to keep things all in one place.

I hate autocorrect…

Thanks @tomsr - I tried to find a post about this but was using ‘delete chat’ as a search term instead of ‘chat security’.

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