Charter Bank 1.81% fixed rate

Just noticed a 12 month savings pot option with Charter Bank at 1.81%. Didn’t notice that before. A good rate.

Also easy access ones at 1.15% by Charter Savings Bank beating the Shawbrook (1.12%) and OakNorth (1.0%) - why isn’t there a notification when new savings accounts are available ?

Possibly need a feature to auto move money to the highest rated % ! I have some in a 1.12% account… but why keep it there when 1.15% is now available!!! (i know i know barely any difference but you take my point)


Is it even possible to move a Savings Pot to another easy access product manually (other than deleting the pot and re-creating from scratch)? I agree that automatic moving to the best product would be great.

I don’t think it’s possible to do an inside transfer.

It would be a nice tool for Monzo to implement.


Have added two new topics for my ideas above to see which has legs :slight_smile: thanks to @krr13 for spotting the new accounts and sparking the discussion.

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