1.71% interest and other Charter Bank Saving Pots no longer available?

Anyone else noticed the Fixed Charter Bank Savings Pots have disappeared? There is no longer a 1.71% interest option, now the highest available is 1.5%.

The Easy Access Charter Bank Pot has also disappeared from the list, does this mean Monzo no longer have a partnership with Charter Bank? I have Charter Bank saving pots via Monzo but I’m assuming they will remain unchanged?


Charter might have withdrawn it for new customers and it will be replaced with one with a different interest rate

It should remain unchanged for existing users (unless notified)


I think the safer assumption, if you look at the wider market, is that Charter Bank have withdrawn the product. I can’t see anything above 1.35% if I go to their website now, and the wider market has seen everyone cutting the rates or closing products (eg Marcus down from 1.5% with bonus to 1.45%)


Thanks! That was a really helpful and makes sense. I’m new to this kind of stuff so for a moment there was slightly worried that Monzo and Charter had fallen out and my money would just be floating in limbo, hehe.

even if they fell out that wouldn’t happen :grin:

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good to know! :laughing:

Raised this with the team, it does appear the Charter rate for the Fixed Pot has lowered slightly and the Charter Easy Access one may be gone for now.

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Is this a problem?

I may have missed something here but everything appears to be factually correct in the app. Isn’t this scenario to be expected?

It’s just the way the market goes so you haven’t missed anything.

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Doubled checked on this and whilst it is totally normal, Charter did ask for a shorter turnaround than other providers so it’s possible the rates/products we have with them will change more often or more noticeably.


So, get it while it’s hot?


I have created a Holiday pot but hoped to start a savings pot with interest
When will one be available please?

There are savings pots with interest available now. If you want a bit more interest than that offered by Monzo, Marcus is very popular

Where do you find that?

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Are there no savings pots available now? I’ve just gone in to look at the current offerings and it doesn’t give me the option to credit a savings pot. It says 0% is the highest interest available.

Still got them here:

me too…

i’ll try a delete and reinstall and see if it fixes it