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Hi Guys,
Maybe I’m not allowed to do this but here’s hoping, my son and his local scout group are travelling to Kenya in October to help the rural village of ekalakala erect some toilets for the community to use, this has involved alot of fund raising over the past couple of months and we are nearing our target. The money raised is primarily to fund the build and any additional money raised will help subsidise the scouts who are going (only the kids, the adults have to pay full price).

The aim of this project is obviously to help the Kenyan community but also to help the scouts realise that they can achieve great things when they put thier mind to it, it’ll help them realise the strength of teamwork and highlight how fortunate they are to be alive in this day and age.
With regards to my son, well he has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and much as he is smart and able bodied he does suffer socially, so this journey, that is so focused on team work will do wonders for his self belief and confidence, unfortunately for him but fortunate for me is that due to his condition I am having to tag along on the trip (@ full price), I’d rather this wasn’t the case but he would not have been able to go if I wasn’t there to keep an eye on him as he does tend to wonder a little and that with the neighbouring lions and crocodiles could very much end in tears.

So if any of you kind, generous, good looking and very sexy people would like to help please follow the just giving links attached and find details of the quest on Facebook

Thank you in advance, every penny helps and please only give if you can afford to.


Sorry, i missed my point there, what I meant to follow on with was, wouldn’t it be great if we could have pots tagged to a charity, much as just giving and the likes do a wonderful job it is at a cost and it’s the charity the loses out, so much as it is only 5% it’s still 5%.

I’d love to see pots whereby this could be avoided and while I appreciate there are overheads in running a charity collection site, I’d like to think that monzo could run this free of charge by allowing the interest gained on the money to cover the associated overheads.

Just a thought.

Hey good luck to you and your son. Hope it all goes well for everyone going there for a good cause.

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