Charged in GBP instead of local currency

Hello, I used Monzo in India on 5th Feb 2020 for a very large transaction. I repeatedly asked the merchant to charge in local currency which is INR. However, it looks like something went wrong and the bill says that it got charged in GBP from their end (which they are refusing now over phone, they are saying it was in INR only). When I put my pin it was showing INR on the screen. After the transaction, Monzo showed one amount on their app, however after presentment and settlement, it’s showing £110 more after 1 day. In this process, I have now lost approximately £110 because of this. The retailer bluntly said they can’t do anything about it. I have raised it with Monzo, not sure what to do now. Please let me know whether anyone faced this issue. I feel extremely distressed and cheated.

The issue is with the merchant, if you have a receipt that says INR then monzo can look at doing a chargeback.

The receipt has both INR and GBP. The amount showed in GBP is £110 higher than what Monzo showed at the time. I wasn’t aware that it will jump up by £110. When I called the merchant, they said there is no way they can charge in GBP, but clearly that is not the case it seems. What are your thoughts?

In the monzo app, under the gbp figure does it say a INR figure Or just GBP?

We can’t see all the data and how the payment was put through, you’d have to ask monzo to investigate.

After the transaction, it was showing both GBP and INR. After a day (I guess after presentment), it’s now only showing GBP. On the same day I used Monzo to buy from other retailers and those have gone as expected. Even after presentment, it is showing both GBP and INR, as expected. Only unfortunately this large one went all wrong!

We don’t know the full details of what happened here, but perhaps they have done the conversion themselves after they showed you the screen that says you have paid in INR? (article linked in post below) Best to speak to Monzo about it and ask them to investigate what happened during that transaction.

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Thanks all. Was wondering whether anyone else had this kind of issue.

Hi Avipsa, the exact same thing happened to me when I was in India in November, when settling 4 or 5 hotel bar bills. The amounts were less but overall was maybe overcharged about £30. I contacted all the hotels and was able to get about half of them refunded. I added some screenshots in the below thread

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Just to make sure everyone in this thread knows

It is against MasterCard rules to bill a customer in a non-agreed currency and non-agreed DCC is grounds for a chargeback last time I checked, if the merchant isn’t saying anything just go straight to Monzo


I agree it is, but the merchant can dispute that the customer requested not GBP, and I doubt anyone has proof either way.

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But if the authorisation is in INR, and it only changed to GBP on presentment, I’d expect that would be evidence enough.


It definitely sounds like you’ve been swindled by the merchant in India. Hopefully Monzo have a record of the original authorisation in INR which would prove the issue and as others have said, you should ask about raising a chargeback. I would also suggest that you might want to as if the support chat can pass you to a specialist in international payments, because it may be that the standard front-line COps on support chat don’t know about this issue and how to deal with it.

I have done 2 successful chargebacks for this exact reason (once got the difference, once a full refund)

1 of these with with a large European airline who repeatedly told me it was me who got it wrong. Halifax and MasterCard agreed with me. They changed their whole purchase process off the back of it


I had the exact same issue with almost every hotel (including just hotel bars) in India. One of them resulting in a rather chunky overcharge (>£70). Have been asking them to refund it for 5 months as Monzo initially said they wouldn’t help me with this. Every time I chase them, they say they are still trying to process the refund for the difference. I even have evidence that I ticked INR on the receipt because I took a picture of it (despite telling them THREE times to make sure they charged in INR, I still had a feeling they might not do it).

They’re lying, I suspect. Probably their plan is to keep fobbing you off until you give up.

This surprises me. I’d have another go at complaining to Monzo. Give them the facts - asked to pay in native currency, merchant used DCC instead, you’ve tried to get a refund and they’ve refused, and therefore you’d like to start the chargeback process.


Requests can sometimes get lost in the noise of information, so I’d simply request a chargeback and only provide the info when Monzo ask for it.