Changing the start date to compare average spending

(James Watkins) #1

Where it displays: spent ‘so far this month’, is there a way to change the date that the the current spend is compared to?
The first few months using the card was nowhere near my normal levels of spending as there was a transition for me using the card for every transaction. I have now realised that how important it is to use the card as much as possible so that my account reflects my true spending patterns. Therefore, it would be good to compare my spend ‘so far this month’ to more recent, accurate months i.e. change the start date that it is compared against. Unless an option like this is introduced, it means this figure is never going to be accurate going forward.

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

That makes total sense… I’m afraid we don’t have it though.

The pattern is very common, as you trust Monzo more and more you use the card more and more. So I wonder if there’s something we could normalise at some point and even anticipate. In other words, I hope we can have a solution based on a smarter average rather than asking you to manually tell us that we should discard data older than a certain period. Not the kind of thing we can do right now :wink:

On the other hand as you use the card more and more months the average corrects itself so, somehow, the issue eventually disappears :slight_smile:


I shared this in another thread but would be relavant here as well:


I would love to change the date range of my spending “limits” as my pay date does NOT match the start of the month and it would be great to budget using this app / service.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Me too, here’s the latest comment from the Monzo team on this -

(Jayne) #6

Yeah same - would be really great if you could reset the month to start tracking spending from a different date that you specific (ie pay day) - at the moment i’m setting my spending targets until pay day - then readjusting them after…!

(Phillip Robinson) #7

This is an idea I’ve been wanting to see implemented too. I am paid on the 21st so would be good to have a customisation option for the spending start/end date.

(Simon B) #8

It’s coming! :grinning:

Custom target dates are part of our big Spending revamp coming later this year :grinning:


I would also like this as I get paid on the 18th - I actually preferred having the summary spend in big numbers at the top as I don’t use Monzo as a current account (I still too it up, it’s what I prefer) the summary is also just not relevant to me. Can you switch it off?