Change the way Bill Splits show in Spending

One thing that I think could improve is the way that split payments work in the Spending tab.

When you split a payment with someone and go into your spending tab, it adds another transaction on top in the category. (Example below) It already shows the bill split being paid on the transaction itself so I don’t see why it’s needed.

Would it not be better to track spending by having just your share of the split for the transaction? So instead of:

[Person] for [Transaction] + 10
[Transaction] £20

It could just be:

[Transaction] £10

It also happens sometimes where a person would send you half of their bill split and it gets auto moved to Transfers category instead of the original category the transaction was in.

It’s tiny and probably a non issue but I hate the way it bloats the amount of transactions made in a category (makes me think I’ve eaten out way more than I actually have😂) and I just don’t think it’s really needed that much.