Challenger banks in talks about £1.6bn merger - Sky News

Well, I was pretty excited to read this headline!

Bit of an anti climax once I realised I didn’t know much about the two banks in question.

Anyone dealt with either of them before?

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Did you think it was Monzo? I’d hope Monzo would merge for a much higher sum!

No, I didn’t think it would be Monzo or Starling (although I didn’t really give it much thought before clicking on the link).

But I had thought I’d know who it was (which would have made it slightly more interesting to me).

I’ve never heard of either of these banks!


Same here!

I’ve heard of them, but I’ve always thought of them as pretty niche (or maybe just specialised in areas that I don’t have any particular needs in).

Having said that, wasn’t Charter Court one of the names being thrown around for the interest bearing pot?

Possibly, I don’t remember them if they were.

Either way - Doesn’t look like any of them have an app.

Thought that was a pre requisite for a challenger bank :joy:

Yeah, those two big name challenger banks were on the tip of my tongue. Just funny I couldn’t actually get either of them to spring to mind…probably, because I’d never actually heard of either of them. :joy:

Challenger <> neobank

I think these are a bit old school - they’re certainly not digital start-ups!

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OneSavings are quite well known. Be interesting to see where it goes if they do merge

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You’re the first I’ve seen whose heard of them.

Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places.

I’ve looked into them before, not a bad savings account rate

Also they’re on Freetrade

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I’ll keep my eye on how it goes - Not that I can justify opening anymore accounts… :eyes:

Just to clarify, it’s business savings accounts. Was looking into them for a friend who wanted my opinion :grin:

Don’t think they do personal


I think specialist savings and lending banks just can’t be trendy in the way Monzo and Starling can.

OakNorth can probably make a case for being the most impressive recently-formed bank but few will have heard of them.