Message to Monzo management - Speak to JP Morgan

Calling Eileen Burbidge and TS Anil

JP Morgan are launching a UK online Challenger bank Next year - But surely it would be better to just buy Monzo.

Monzo‘s future would be secured and JP Morgan would quickly establish its self in a commanding position With 4.5 million customers and the financial clout to challenge the dominance of the big 4 UK banks

JP Morgan are valued at 300 billion dollars so buying Monzo at our current valuation of £1.5 Billion seems a no brainer as it would practically reduce any risk of their Online offering having any IT meltdown as Monzo’s platform is so stable, secure and most importantly in-house (mostly).

I hope Anils US back ground allows him to approach them before it’s too late

And for those who are just skimming this thread I am a big supporter of Monzo.Their app has allowed me to manage my money better, clear my overdraft and manage my bills better and that has given me a lot more financial freedom than I ever had with the other 4 banks

I do not see that as beneficial to anyone. Not all startups want to be acquired, most probably dream to become big enough to acquire other start-ups.

Why shouldn’t we want to see a future for an independent Monzo, instead of being lazy and just having it sold to someone to deal with it? Even if J.P Morgan could pump unlimited funds to Monzo, at some point they will have certain demans and Monzo will have to steer the ship into the direction given.

I think too many people got too scared about the Anual Report that puts unnecessary pressure on the staff, who is already doing very hard work.


Wow. It’s really hard to think of a worse thing that could happen. :joy: Maybe Monzo being bought by GCHQ?


It’s been less than a day since the last topic about the future of Monzo. Good to see we’re keeping up the pace.


Thank God these highly skilled and experienced individuals have random people on the internet to help them with their jobs! :joy:


Literally, there is nothing, but nothing new in that post, which was not in the Annual Report. If you want to discuss that, there is already a post about that.

Spreading a feeling multiple times (in this case: "monzo will fail’) does not make that feeling more real, it only starts to resonate with more people because of fear.

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No need. They can start their own bank with a nice chunky switching bribe. Much cheaper than buying Monzo in the long run. No point buying a bank with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of unprofitable customers. And JP Morgan have enough resources for a nice tech stack to suit them.


Leaving being pro/anti Monzo aside, and just taking facts, didn’t the annual report, written by the auditors, say that it was a going concern? (ie: nothing to see here?)


I think I already said why in my original post.

Eg 4.5 million users, stable platform and great user experience app

Then why would Monzo sell since they’ve already got that?

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They also need JP Morgan’s expertise on how to turn those users in revenue

Based on what? A paragraph in an the annual report?

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Can you substantiate such a claim, please? We don’t want to worry people who are just skimming, and mistake your opinion for a fact…

Based on a comparison to starling and other well run challenger banks

Fair point I will retract that I don’t know that they would run out of money - I am worried they will

I hope they don’t and succeed but just my opinion

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So not the opinion of anyone who works for Monzo, the auditors, or substantial shareholders then?

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Monzo made £1.4 million from their marketplace which is about the same as Starling made from their Payment services division. Starling’s marketplace made £79,000

Monzo made a big push for customers last summer so their costs massively went up. Really bad timing but nobody could have predicted how this year would go.


Look I think my passion has got taken the wrong way I am a big supporter of Monzo just annoyed about the way things have gone.

I am full Monzo and so are all my family even my 83 year old father so I want Monzo to succeed

I am leaving this here as I don’t want to come across as against Monzo - compete opposite but maybe that has not come across well.

Their app has allowed me to manage my money better, clear my overdraft and manage my bills better and that has given me a lot more financial freedom than I ever had with the other 4 banks

So will eat humble pie count to 10 and stop getting so uptight


And that’s fair - you’re allowed to be concerned BUT your money is FSCS protected, so making a storm in a teacup and risking starting a snowball, won’t help Monzo. It’ll become a self fulfilling prophecy…

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The people that would benefit most from this would be the investors who would be able to cash out of their shares… So your choice seems to come from some form of motivation, username seems to be a clue :wink:

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