Category overview summary

I would like to be able to see how my spend for a particular category has changed month by month on one screen. For example, I’d like to select groceries and see how much I spent in January, February, etc.

Seconded. Especially when (if?) custom categories ever arrive, this would be very useful.

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and if there is an option to retrospectively go back and change category on previous transactions!

Yeah this is where I think it gets tricky… and likely would require a rebuild of the transaction feed. I think at present each transaction is written and stored as one thing, to do this they’d need to unpick that to have dynamic data against each transaction and… well I’m not a software developer, and I know this is possible, but it is problematic and pretty tricky…

I don’t know if you’ve used Yolt but it does this already. I have it combining Amex and Monzo.

When you pick a merchant and swap cat it says

Apply to x transactions

Apply to just this transaction

You can group by Categories | Merchants | Timeline | Tags

The next row of filter is enables you to go back to previous months | This period | Upcoming

When you click on a particular category you get a little bar chart of what you spent in each month and what your average is, and if you set a budget how much you have left this month to spend.

It looks slightly different these days but as I can’t screenshot on :android: heres a pick from the play store.

The only frustrating thing is you can’t change Pending transactions until it clears.

Custom Category Set Up

I’m using tags at the moment to create meaningful groups of spend type. It would be incredibly powerful if I was able to customize my budget/category set based on using existing category or personal tag-based category.

Right now I have to export and modify the data to review spending habits.