Categorising Pot Transfers

I have created a pot to pay off my credit card and I keep transferring money into that pot, but I can’t categoriese these transfers into the pot. Why not? I would still like to be able to be able to see how much of my shopping/grocery budget I have left!

The difficulty is that you haven’t spent this money, it’s still in your account.

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I see what you mean, but I’d like to choose to deduct money from my budgets when I take money out of my main account.

You’ll catagorise at the point of paying your credit card.

The way Monzo works, is the money in your pots is still technically in your main account, just ring fenced.

An alternative would be to set up a direct debit for a set amount every month, to your credit card.

Or I’m sure a cleverer person than I will come along and explain how to reduce your total ‘left to spend’ to account for the pot saving.

But the whole credit card bill is not for the same budget. Some is shopping, some is groceries etc…

You can’t split a transaction over two categories.

You can vote for it in the below topic, but I believe it is rumoured to be coming as part of Plus. This is Monzos premium bank account with a monthly fee :slight_smile:

Thank you! I see you can’t do it at the moment but I definitely think it should be a thing!

Bumping this. Would be really useful to categorise pot transactions and I can’t really see any downside to this (although I’m sure someone will helpfully explain if I’m wrong).

Today I have done some spending on my credit card, it would be so useful to categorise these pot transfers as shopping, gifts, groceries, etc and would greatly improve how the “budgeting” features work for me on Monzo.


I guess the money isn’t spent yet.

If you get paid £1000 and put £100 into your holiday pot. Then you’ve got £100 against your holiday category.

Then when you spend that £100, have you spent £200? Or does it net off?

I suppose with a credit card you could split your payment to pay it off across however many categories it apples. And then you’d have to remember what that was etc.


I’ve realised I’ve just repeated what is said above :rofl:

On the when you actually spend it point. You would release the pot money into the main account which would reverse the prior pot transaction (so it would be net nil).
Or if you use pay from pot DDs just allocate both transactions to the same category and spend would be net nil.

I feel like if you’re putting the money into a bills pot it is effectively spent (that’s the whole point of bills pots), so just treat it as a normal transaction that gets categorised.

I can see a benefit from the spending summary perspective. It counts the money as it goes into the pot (so I’m “spending” £x on holiday from each period’s budget), then when I’m off I close the pot and my main balance then sees -£y for holiday and a selection of other holiday transactions which are summarised for the holiday budget on that period as +/-£z.

Personally on the fence as to if I prefer that over the current situation but is there actually any harm/difficulty in allowing it? If not it appears a simple way to give more choice.

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But it isn’t spent, that’s the point. You still have that money.

Really don’t see why, even if you take that view, you can’t assign categories to pot transfer.

Because what you’re proposing isn’t logical. Why would you want to categorise something twice?

I don’t want to categorise anything twice.

You have 10 pot transfers for your credit card, encompassing spending at Sainsbury’s, Apple, Adidas, Avanti West Coast, KFC etc. They cover different things, transport, gifts, groceries, eating out.

At the end of the month you have one payment to your credit card. You can’t then categorise that credit card payment as 10 different categories for the respective amount.

You would be doing it twice, because the payment to your credit card has to have a category.

You can split the payment (I’m not sure if there’s a limit) for what it’s for.

You’re trying to get Monzo to categorise your credit card spending.

I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of another way around this but I can’t.

This is the issue which makes it impossible.

Let’s say that you categorise these 3 transfers to your credit card pot.

  • £10 - Adidas - Shopping category
  • £10 - Tesco - Groceries category
  • £10 - Pharmacy - Healthcare

Then you pay your credit card:

£30 transfer to American Express.

What does this get categorised under? Let’s say ‘Bills’

Then your budgets are going to show you negative £60 because it doesn’t know those 3 pot transfers were connected to your American Express payment.

So this is the connection that is missing. If you could somehow earmark and connect those 3 pot transfers to a future card payment then that would solve the issue but I don’t know how that could be done.

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If category splitting doesn’t have a limit, then you would just have to keep a tally yourself and then when you pay your card, go through and assign them all to whichever you wanted.


“I just paid £10 to Sainsburys for shopping on my Amex. Make a payment to my credit card for £10 from Monzo and set it to groceries”

And then do that each time.

Not sure this is true. In your budget when credit card settled you will have £30 paid and then an offsetting release from the pot of £30 that also goes to bills so that event has £0 in bills and you are left with your original 3 entries being the draw down on your budget.