Categoring Cash Expenditures & Automating Wallet Balance Accounting

(Sebastian Beck) #1

Haven’t reached the front of the queue yet but have some ideas.
I understand that you can ‘add a note’ to every cash withdrawal. However, I currently use monefy and all sorts of transactions that I record are cash based.

Could a feature be made to support categorisation of how cash is spent. This could be semi automated: You enter cash in your wallet and it calculates based on withdrawals and previous wallet balance how much cash you should have spent.

I imagine a weekly or daily notification working something like this:

‘‘Please update the amount of money in your wallet…[Enter £44.12]’’
…’‘You have £5.12 un accounted cash expenditure since your previous withdrawal. Categorise expenditure or list as unaccounted [Proceed to categorize manually how cash was spent’’

Considering the infrequency of cash I think this is really doable for most. I would certain love to know where my cash has gone and whether I have lost any.

This is the sort of mental math we have to do in our heads all the time anyway to make sure we haven’t forgotten to get any money.

(Charlie) #2

Cool suggestion! :smile:

I personally think that this would add a lot of unnecessary functionality to the app, which might make things a little confusing. There’s also a lot of great budgeting apps out there that can help you keep on top of this stuff already.

However, when the next update (1.5) gets released there will be functionality to export transactions to a variety of different formats, which you could then upload into your favourite budgeting app. This might be a nice workaround for you if this kind of thing is not added to the app anytime soon!

(Sebastian Beck) #3

Ok cool.

Is the idea that you can add all the mondo recorded transactions to any manual cash records in Monefy?

(Charlie) #4

Exactly that! :smiley:

It’s definitely a solution for you to keep a handle on both card payments and cash whilst Mondo doesn’t support the feature you’ve suggested.