Cash back

(Jordan) #1

Tried to get cash back this morning whilst buying groceries but the transaction declined, I continued my purchase without the cash back and it went through…?

(Jedihomer Townend) #2

Are you using the current account debit card or the pre-pay card, as I don’t think cashback is supported on the pre-pay card.

(Hugh) #3

Hi @Jordinho

As Jedihomer says, cashback is not supported on the prepaid programme however, it should work on the Current Account which should be coming soon :smiley:


You can’t get cash back on any pre paid card. If you’re in the 4% of users with a current account then I would defo raise a query with the cops! Do let us know the outcome.


Possibly not terribly helpful in this case, but I can confirm cashback works fine on the current account, at least when I tried it at Sainsbury’s.