Cash App x Hood By Air Card with 20 chips

you may not like it, but this is what peak fintech looks like. :eyes:

figured y’all might be interested in this one, and this means i finally have a new conversation starter for the times i don’t want to talk about the colour of my monzo card with a stranger lmao

so the card itself has one real chip and 19 decoy chips. in normal room lighting, it’s hard to tell the real chip apart at some angles:

at first, i was a bit annoyed that one chip has a slightly different texture and light reflection from the other chips, but now that i’ve had it for an hour, i’m honestly quite glad that i can tell the real chip apart from the others. :joy:

it’s probably more obvious from another angle (see top right-most of card):

it’s US only and there may still be some left, here’s a link to get one if you got a $cashtag. it’s $35 and proceeds go to black trans femme in the arts, g.l.i.t.s, and emergency release fund:


Does it work both ways? Oh I just read that it only has one real chip.

i wish lol, a reversable card would be nice

It’s a shame most of the chips aren’t real. They could’ve made them detachable and you can swap the chips around to pick which card you want to pay with, kinda like a hipster version of the Curve card. :joy: