Card declined reporting

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I definitely had a notification at the top of the pre pay app homepage during the outage which lasted about 20 minutes around 7pm.


Thanks for the quick reply, that’s what it must’ve been. I didn’t see a notification, but I didn’t check before trying to pay. :smile:

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silly question - have you signed up for the free SMS notifications for account status - pre paid and current accounts have different links - the SMS let you know when there are problems with the cards ? :slight_smile:

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Very nice, thanks for the info. I’ve signed up.

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As someone who’s not even slightly techie…

In the future it be possible to get a push notification from the app if there are issues with Monzo?

This is supposed to be a modern bank. SMS Notifications are so last century.

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sign up using the status page links in the “text messages” below ( top right hand side of the linked page ) - for current account and pre paid cards

edit - sorry if you think SMS are so last century :slight_smile: , you could just try presenting your card, and not being techie at all - the POS terminal will just say declined :slight_smile:


On the prepaid app I do remember getting in-app notifications every time there are issues.


Yep. Notification at top of screen takes you to status page


It was just an idea. :slight_smile:

I notice that the CA doesn’t look like it’s having these issues so maybe once I’ve got mine it won’t be an issue.

I don’t often open my app before I buy stuff which is why I thought a push notification might work better

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The Current Account doesn’t use the 3rd party processor that keeps going down so yes, no issues :stuck_out_tongue: